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NBRYSA Responsibilities

Thank you for volunteering to coach NBRYSA. We hope you and your players have a fun season. Please read the following information. If you have further questions, please contact a board member.

After you have picked up your team roster, contact your players AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

Schedule your first practice and parent meeting. The parent meeting should include: game schedule, practice times, healthy snack sign up, picture date information (September 16, one hour before your scheduled game) and most importantly, the NBRYSA Parent Pledge. Please emphasize to the parents the importance of good sportsmanship on and off the playing field. Discuss the Parent Pledge and then have the parents sign the form and return it to you. If you have any problems with parents or other spectators, please speak with a board member. This is recreational soccer!

  • Please never leave your players alone. During practice two adults need to be present at all times.
  • Remember, players are required to wear shin guards.  Please keep track of your equipment.  If a player wants to bring his/her own ball on game day that is fine.
  • Coaching manuals are also available. Remember in NBRYSA, all players need to play at least two quarters.
  • Yes, players who do not attend practice still get to play! If you have questions, please ask a board member. Remember this is recreational soccer!!!! Be creative during the games to make the games fair. No team should "cream" another team. Make game days a positive experience for all players.
  • On game day, the first scheduled team helps set up the field and the last teams help put the equipment away. The coaches will be refereeing their own games. Try to have a whistle for the games, if not whistles will be provided. If it rains, we will still play the games.
  • All teams should make sure to pick up any garbage before they leave. Help us keep the field clean. Have the family in charge of the healthy snack pick up any garbage by your field.

Games are scheduled to start on the hour! We will blow an air horn to help the referees end the game promptly at 50 minutes past the hour. The next game will be started promptly on the hour.

  • U6 will play 4-8 minute quarters. 5th quarter optional.
  • U8 will play 4-12 minute quarters.  **We play with 5 players.**
  • U10 will play 2-25 minute quarters.

*The first and second quarter with a 2-minute break and third and fourth with a 2-minute break in between quarters.  All age groups will have 5-minute halftimes.

Again, game day is a day for sportsmanship and fun. Coaches, players and fans need to follow NBRYSA guidelines. If you have a player or parent that is not demonstrating good sportsmanship, please respond appropriately. Poor sportsmanship is unacceptable.

If you need assistance, there will be a board member on the field working as a monitor.